Audi A4 vs BMW 3 Series vs Mercedes-Benz C-Class at Audi Ann Arbor

When it comes to German luxury sedans, the Audi A4, BMW 3 Series, and Mercedes-Benz C-Class have been competing against one another for decades. Although each model certainly has its strengths, you may be struggling to decide which is the best decision for your budget, lifestyle, or driving habits. Fortunately, Audi Ann Arbor is here to help make an informed choice. We've taken the time to compare the A4 against both the 3 Series and the C-Class with our in-depth model comparison. Once you see the results, you'll understand why most discerning drivers continue to choose the Audi A4.

Audi A4 vs BMW 3-Series

2019 Audi A4 Exterior
2019 BMW 3 Series Exterior
2019 Audi A4 2.0T Premium quattroVS2019 BMW 330i xDrive
$42,000 ✓MSRP$42,250
19 feet ✓Turning Radius19.6 feet
Optional ✓Rear SpoilerNot Available
Standard ✓Front Fog LightsOptional
Leather ✓Seat MaterialSensatec Leatherette
Driver & Passenger ✓Heated SeatsOptional
Power, 4-Way ✓Driver Lumbar SupportOptional
Standard ✓Overhead Storage ConsoleNot Available
Standard ✓Voice-Activated Audio ControlsOptional
35.7 inches ✓Rear Legroom35.2 inches
38.9 inches ✓Front Headroom38.7 inches

In this first matchup, we'll take a look at how the A4 measures up against the BMW 3 Series. We'll compare base trim levels equipped with all-wheel drive in order to keep things consistent between the two models. The Audi A4 2.0T Premium quattro begins with a $250 price advantage over the 330i xDrive.

You'll experience better maneuverability in congested parking lots with the A4, thanks to a turning radius that's 0.6 feet shorter than the 3 Series. Standard front fog lights provide superior illumination while adding a stylish touch to the exterior of the A4. You'll have to select a costly option in order to receive fog lights on the 3 Series. Similarly, the A4 can be equipped with a distinctive rear spoiler for a personalized look.

2019 Audi A4 Interior

Shifting our focus towards the interiors of both these luxury sedans, the Audi A4 offers a variety of premium comfort amenities you won't find on the BMW 3 Series. While you'll have to accept synthetic Sensatec Leatherette upholstery inside the BMW, Audi includes genuine leather seats on the A4. Better still, you'll enjoy standard heated front seats featuring power 4-way lumbar adjustability for the driver. Again, these exceptional comfort features will cost you extra at BMW.

Other great convenience features found on the Audi A4 include an overhead storage console for all of your necessities along with voice-activated audio controls to help keep your attention focused safely on the road ahead. All occupants will appreciate the superior amount of rear legroom and front headroom inside the Audi A4 as well.

Audi A4 vs Mercedes-Benz C-Class

2019 Audi A4
2019 Mercedes-Benz C-Class
2019 Audi A4 2.0T Premium quattroVS2019 Mercedes-Benz C-Class Base AWD
$42,000 ✓MSRP$43,400
23 / 34 / 27 ✓MPG (city/highway/combined)22 / 33 / 26
Standard ✓Front Fog LightsNot Available
Leather ✓Seat MaterialMB-Tex Leatherette
Driver & Passenger ✓Heated SeatsOptional
Standard ✓Overhead Storage ConsoleNot Available
10 ✓Number of Speakers5
With Separate Controls ✓Rear HVACNot Available
1 Year / 12,000 Miles ✓Scheduled Maintenance CoverageNot Available
4 Years / Unlimited Mileage ✓Roadside Assistance Coverage4 Years / 50,000 Miles

Next up to challenge the Audi A4 is the Mercedes-Benz C-Class. This time, the A4 starts with a sizeable $1,400 price advantage when comparing base trims equipped with all-wheel drive. Looking at the fuel economy figures for these two luxury sedans, the A4 outperforms the C-Class across all three MPG categories. A lower starting price and greater fuel efficiency help illustrate how the A4 is the smarter choice for your budget.

2019 Audi A4 Interior Gray

Standard front fog lights on the A4 is an example of a feature that's not available at all on the Mercedes-Benz C-Class. As we've seen before, the interior of the A4 is perfectly suited for drivers looking for the ultimate in comfort and refinement. Audi includes genuine leather seating surfaces along with heating functions for both front seats. You'll have to pay extra for heated seats at Mercedes-Benz and have to settle for synthetic leatherette which lacks the supple feel of genuine leather.

An overhead storage console gives you room for storing all of life's essentials inside the A4. A total of 10 speakers, double the amount found inside the base C-Class, gives you a far greater listening experience. Standard rear HVAC controls, something you won't find on the C-Class, lets rear seat passengers personalize their climate preferences. When it comes time for service, Audi includes complimentary scheduled maintenance that covers your first visit. You'll have to pay out of pocket at Mercedes-Benz. Lastly, while both manufacturers have identical 4-year Roadside Assistance coverage policies -- the A4 has no mileage restriction.

Winner -- Audi A4

2019 Audi A4 Front Fascia

Now that you've seen the results, it's obvious that the BMW 3 Series and Mercedes-Benz C-Class are no match for the impressive Audi A4. The competition simply can't top the exceptional value, premium standard amenities, interior comfort, and cutting-edge technology found on every A4. If you're ready to experience all that the Audi A4 has to offer, our team of Audi sales professionals is standing by to help you select the model that's a perfect fit for your lifestyle.