Lease Return Guide

Important notice regarding inventory shortages and lease turn-in:

Due to recent global events, numerous interruptions and delays have occurred across the automotive supply chain. As a result of this situation, new vehicle inventory levels have been in short supply. We recommend that you start to evaluate your options up to one year in advance prior to the conclusion of your lease. This way, you'll continue to enjoy the same driving experience you've grown to love while avoiding delays and ensuring that your next vehicle is available.

Reserving your next vehicle in advance is the ideal solution to continue enjoying the exact options and features that you want while planning for the future at the same time. Our team is standing by to answer any questions you may have regarding your current lease status or reserving a vehicle from our inbound inventory.

If your current Audi lease is approaching its end date, it's certainly a good time to begin to consider your available options. Our team at Audi Ann Arbor is committed to making your lease return process as simple and straightforward as possible. We've created this informative guide that explains your available lease-end options to help you make an informed decision.

Audi A8

Audi Lease-End Options

Select a New Audi

Option 1 - Select a New Audi

No matter if you're eager to get behind the wheel of the most current version of your existing Audi model or you're ready to choose an entirely new model altogether -- you'll find an extensive selection of the latest Audi vehicles right here at Audi Ann Arbor. We're proud to offer the most current list of incentives and offers to help maximize your savings. Better still, as a returning Audi lessee, you could potentially be eligible for exclusive offers to help you save on your next lease.

Select a New Audi

Option 2 - Purchase Your Existing Audi

Have you grown attached to your current Audi? We certainly can understand if you're not ready to part ways quite yet. Our team can guide you through the purchase process, arrange financing if necessary, and explain your options for extending your warranty or adding protection to your Audi.

Select a New Audi

Option 3 - Return Your Audi

We're your top destination for returning your Audi lease. Remember, you can return your leased Audi right here regardless of where you originally leased it. This saves you both time and hassle. Our team is committed to providing you with a seamless lease-end experience. There are a few simple steps that you should take to conclude your lease that we will explain in greater detail below.

Audi Lease Return

Audi Lease Return Checklist

Step 1 - Review your vehicle's condition. You can refer to the "Wear and Used Guide" provided in your lease contract for more information about excess wear and tear or usage charges. If necessary, have repairs performed and completed at an authorized Audi dealership to avoid any excess charges.

Step 2 - Schedule your lease return inspection. During this inspection, an independent SGS inspection agent will examine your vehicle for any excess wear and use. Once completed, you will receive an inspection condition report, which itemizes any excess wear. Any excess wear will be billed on your Turn-In Settlement Invoice (unless you choose to repair the items prior to turning in). We highly recommend that you discuss the results with your Audi Lease Return Concierge in order to determine your best options.

Prepare for your inspection:

  • Clean your vehicle inside and out.
  • Verify that all items and components of your vehicle are present. These include all keys, your owner's manual and maintenance booklet, headrests, and cargo covers (if applicable).

Step 3 - Return your vehicle to Audi Ann Arbor.