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Always pushing the boundaries of innovation, Audi has worked tirelessly to remain an industry leader in terms of technology and connectivity. The culmination of this effort is the groundbreaking Audi MMI® Touch Response system - a cutting-edge network of multimedia functions that provide a next-generation level of user engagement and accessibility. Audi Ann Arbor has assembled this helpful reference guide that gives you a glimpse into the key features and functions found on the Audi MMI® Touch Response system. Let's explore together!

What Does Audi MMI® Stand For?

Before we dive into the key features of this revolutionary infotainment system, you're probably wondering exactly what Audi MMI® stands for. The answer is that MMI stands for Multi-Media Interface. This system was initially created with the intention of streamlining access to audio, vehicle settings, and available navigation all within a single user-friendly interface.

Audi MMI® Touch Response System Features

Audi RS e-tron GT
Audi RS e-tron GT

Touch Interface

Equal parts familiar and intuitive, the user interface can be accessed via swipe, pinch, and writing controls just as you would with your smartphone. No matter if you're adjusting the audio, infotainment, or climate controls - the Touch Response system simplifies your commands.

Driver Profiles

Especially useful to drivers who share their Audi with family and friends on occasion, each Audi advanced key is home to over 400 individual vehicle settings that can be adjusted in a matter of seconds. Personalized via the MMI®, these profiles offer an array of convenience and customization options.

Smartphone Integration

Connecting your mobile device to your Audi is virtually effortless thanks to smartphone integration. Whether it's via Android Auto or even wireless Apple CarPlay - the MMI® Touch Response system lets you enjoy all of your favorite apps and media.

Durable Display

Audi engineers placed a strong emphasis on the durability of the MMI®. Since it's interacted with daily, the touchscreen is constructed with anti-fingerprint coating to keep the surface clean. It's also built with an anti-glare layer that refracts the reflected light and features a high level of scratch resistance to withstand daily use.

Haptic Feedback

Unlike other systems on the market, one unique characteristic of the MMI® Touch Response system is its haptic feedback. Once a finger presses a button on the screen, the intended function activates. However, the driver also receives confirmation of the gesture via a mechanical pulse that can be felt. The loudspeaker also emits an audible click, adding to the rewarding experience of interacting with the system.