Audi quattro®: The Power of Audi All-Wheel Drive


Tight Curves. Slippery Roads.
Grip the Road with Audi quattro® all-wheel drive.

Have confidence on the road in any weather condition. Road-gripping Audi quattro® all-wheel drive is engineered to help every model we make take on inclement weather and dry, low-traction situations alike.

Corner the market on corners.

Taking quattro to the next level are available torque vectoring and Sport differential. Featuring advanced braking and traction control features, torque vectoring enhances handling by transferring torque to the outside cornering wheels while independently braking the inside cornering wheels. Available Sport differential gives power towards the outside of the wheels, making tight corners a breeze.

Engineered to give the drive maximum contrio.

The engineering behind Audi quattro® is based around an asymmetric torque split that shifts power when and where it's needed. In safe driving scenarios, the quattro® all-wheel drive features a rear-biased power delivery, with a 40:60 power delivery. When the vehicle senses conditions have changed, in an instant it is able to distribute power to 70:30 to 15:85 front to rear depending on which system your Audi features. The result is an unparalleled connection to the road.

Podium proven for over 30 years.

Audi has made a name for itself in the automotive space. It has become synonymous with luxury, reliability and premium quality. When Audi introduced quattro® at the World Rally Championship in 1981, the result was an astounding 24 wins over the next 4 years. Audi quattro® continued to dominate the race circuits until it was deemed an unfair advantage and banned altogether. Audi overcame the blacklisting and has triumphed 11 out of the last 13 races at the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

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