Audi Sport Lineup at Audi Ann Arbor

Pulse-pounding power, race-inspired style, and sophisticated technology born on the track combine to produce some of the world's most capable models inside the Audi Sport family of performance vehicles. At Audi Ann Arbor, we're proud to carry a selection of the latest Audi Sport models so you can experience the thrills and prestige of driving these precision-crafted luxury coupes, sedans, SUVs, EVs, and supercars.

Audi S Models

Infused with enhanced performance, track-tested capability, and driver-oriented interiors - Audi S variants offer a more exhilarating experience behind the wheel than their conventional counterparts.

S5 Cabriolet

2022 S5 Cabriolet

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S5 Sportback

2022 S5 Sportback

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e-tron® S

2022 e-tron® S

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e-tron® S Sportback

2022 e-tron® S Sportback

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SQ5 Sportback

2022 SQ5 Sportback

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Audi RS Models

In terms of both power and prestige, RS models serve as the flagship vehicles for the Audi brand. Engineered with race-winning pedigrees, these ultra high performance vehicles have earned victories on the track through their perfected design. This excellence has been distilled into exceptional on-road comfort and functionality for your daily commute.

RS 5 Coupe

2022 RS 5 Coupe

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RS 5 Sportback

2022 RS 5 Sportback

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RS 6 Avant

2022 RS 6 Avant

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2022 TT RS

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2022 RS Q8

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RS e-tron® GT

2022 RS e-tron® GT

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R8 Coupe

2022 R8 Coupe

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R8 Spyder

2022 R8 Spyder

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