Audi Detailing and Appearance Service Center

Audi Ann Arbor's Onsite Auto Detailing & Appearance Center

If you've ever wanted your Audi to look like it belongs on the showroom floor - then bring it to the team that does nothing but clean cars for the showroom floor. Our professional detail team can get your car looking like new by the end of the day.
Simple and Deluxe Detail Services make great gifts - and although we love Audi's, we're happy to clean that other car that's in your garage too! Just call our service team to schedule an appointment, or schedule online if that's more convenient.
(Appointments welcome but not necessary for Express Detail service).

Express Auto Detail Service

No Audi appointment necessary

No Appointment Necessary!

  • Hand wash exterior
  • Vacuum interior
  • Door jams wiped down
  • Windows cleaned

Simple Auto Detail Service

Audi exterior hand wash and dried

Includes everything offered in the Express Detail Service plus:

  • Exterior hand wash and dried
  • Tar, grease and bugs removed
  • Door jams cleaned
  • Wheels cleaned and tires dressed
  • Dress exterior moldings and trim
  • Clean and polish glass
  • Intensive interior vacuum
  • Clean all interior surfaces
  • Shampoo floor mats

Deluxe Auto Detail Service

Hand polish and wax

Includes everything offered in the Simple Detail Service plus:

  • Hand polish & wax
  • Deep carpet cleaning
  • All vinyl, plastic and rubber deep cleaned and dressed
  • All leather deep cleaned and conditioned

Special Audi Appearance Services

Audi Headlamps Restoration Service

Get your Audi Headlamps looking factory bright again!

Restore headlamps that are scratched, yellow, or cloudy with our Headlamp Restoration service. We'll clean and buff those headlamp lenses back to clear and bright - improving night visibility by up to 200% while also making your Audi look years younger!

Headlamp Restoration Any Audi - $99.00

Audi car cleaning products

Interior and Exterior Protection 
Professionally applied here at the dealership and protects your vehicle from:

  • Exterior Environmental Damage
  • Exterior Insect Damage
  • Exterior Water Spot
  • Tree Sap & Bird Drop Etching
  • Interior UV Damage
  • Interior Stains

Any Audi - $499.00

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