Electric Vehicle Charging Stations at Audi Ann Arbor

With the introduction of the dynamic Audi e-tron, more and more drivers are saying goodbye to gas stations as they make the switch to all-electric driving. In addition to its blistering electrified performance and refined driving experience, the benefits of the all-electric e-tron include a robust charging network which makes range anxiety a thing of the past. Audi Ann Arbor has assembled this in-depth guide which explains the advantages and benefits of using the expansive electric vehicle (EV) charging station network.

Audi e-tron Range Tranquility Video

EV Charging Levels Explained

Audi e-tron Level 1 Charging Station

Level 1 Charging

The first type of EV charging that we would like to mention is known as Level 1 EVSE. Included with the purchase of most EVs including the e-tron, the largest benefit of Level 1 charging is the fact that it's able to be used with a typical household 120-volt AC outlet. Another advantage is their portability, making it simple to bring them along when you travel. These types of charges are intended for use when you have no access to a public charging station or for topping off the battery when charging overnight. Since they're usually only rated to deliver just 2 to 5 miles of range per hour of charge time, they are best used as a last resort or when you're not relying on a fully-charged battery to get where you're going.

Audi Level 2 Charging

Level 2 Charging

Searching for the ultimate solution for keeping your new EV charged up and ready for the journey ahead of you? Installing a Level 2 charging station in your garage or driveway is the perfect way to start each day with a fully-charged battery. All you need is access to a 240V AC outlet and you'll have the ability to add anywhere between 10 and 60 miles of EV range to your vehicle per hour of charge time. Remember, installing a Level 2 charging station requires an electrical circuit of 20 to 200 amps along with other specialized equipment.

The good news is that the majority of residential homes already have 240V electrical service for bigger appliances like electric dryers, air conditioners, or electric ranges. However, it's important to consult a licensed electrician in order to correctly and safely install your home charging station to comply with local, state, and national regulations. The most common location to install a home charging station is inside a garage although options do exist for installing a freestanding station outdoors in your driveway.

Audi e-tron Level 3 Charging

Level 3 Charging

Certain Audi EVs like the e-tron can take advantage of groundbreaking Level 3 charging capabilities. Just how fast can Level 3 recharge your EV? As much as 3 to 20 miles of range can be added per minute of charge time*. Also known as DC Fast Charging, Level 3 is the ultimate way to recharge your EV as quickly as possible. Fast charging stations are typically found in high-traffic areas like rest areas, shopping centers, or office complexes. Due in part to this rapidly expanding network of fast charging stations, it's now possible to travel from coast-to-coast using solely electric power. Audi is committed to expanding the availability of charging stations, reducing charge times, and expanding battery capacities to make owning an EV more appealing than ever before.

Audi e-tron Charging Capabilities

Audi e-tron Home Charging Station

Home Charging Capabilities

Say goodbye to range anxiety and hello to the future of all-electric mobility when you step behind the wheel of the Audi e-tron. At home, you'll have the ability to charge from either a traditional 120V household outlet or 240V outlets thanks to a standard home-charging system included with your e-tron. This can be used portably or you can mount it to the wall of your garage with an available wall-mounting clip. A total of 15 feet of length allows the charging cable to reach your e-tron charging port from a variety of different outlet locations. Approximately 80% of electric vehicle charging is currently done at home, making it simple to wake up each morning with a fully-charged vehicle. Learn about EV home charger installation here.

Audi e-tron Mobile Charging Station

Mobile Charging Capabilities

No matter how far your travels take you, there's no need to worry about finding a place to charge your Audi e-tron while on the go. Using its DC fast charging capabilities, can replenish the battery capacity of your e-tron to 80% in as little as 90 minutes. Audi has partnered with Electrify America, a company that is building a public electric vehicle direct current (DC) fast-charging network throughout the United States.

When you purchase your Audi e-tron, you'll receive a complimentary 1,000 kWh of charging (approximately 2,000 miles of driving) at Electrify America sites which are rapidly expanding across the United States. This network of charging stations is growing at a rapid pace, making it easy to enjoy stress-free commuting even on long trips. It's even possible to plan a cross-country road trip using solely electric power! Want to learn more about the availability of electric vehicle charging stations? Below you can browse public charging stations, high power stations, and their in-use status all with the click of your mouse. It's never been easier or more convenient to make the switch to all-electric driving with the Audi e-tron.

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*Charging times will vary and depend on a variety of factors, including ambient temperature, charger type, battery condition, vehicle condition and others.