Reserve Your Next Audi

Due to the current marketplace conditions, global supply chains have experienced significant strain and have resulted in lower than normal inventory levels for new Audi vehicles. If you've begun your search for your next new Audi vehicle, it's likely that you've had some difficulty locating the exact model, trim, color, or combination of your desired options. Fortunately, our team at Audi Ann Arbor wants to introduce you to the best method for getting the exact new vehicle you've had your eye on.

Instead of settling for a vehicle that's not quite up to your expectations, reserving your next Audi from our inbound inventory provides a number of advantages and benefits that you might not have considered previously. Our team is here to walk you through the reservation process from start to finish in order to help you get behind the wheel of an Audi that's already en route to the dealership.

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Why Reserve Your Next Audi

Now that you've selected your desired Audi model and are eager to get behind the wheel, reserving a vehicle from our inbound inventory has plenty of benefits. First, you will know the exact model, options, and expected arrival date of your new Audi. Instead of spending time looking all over the state and settling for a vehicle that's not quite what you expected, reserving your next Audi helps to ease any uncertainty surrounding your next new vehicle purchase. Audi Ann Arbor is your top destination for the latest Audi vehicles and we're standing by to help you select the right model for your individual needs and lifestyle.

Reserve Your Audi

Get Started Today

Below each new vehicle listed in our inventory, you'll find a Start Buying Process button. From the comfort of your home, office, or virtually anywhere - you can click this button to begin the purchase process. You'll be able to view various purchase and payment options, protection plans, value your trade-in vehicle, and ultimately reserve your vehicle of choice. It couldn't be any easier!

Reserve Your Audi - Frequently Asked Questions

Is a deposit required in order to reserve a vehicle?

Yes. A $1,000 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve an Audi. This deposit can be applied to your down payment or used to purchase the vehicle outright.

Can I reserve a vehicle online or over the phone?

Absolutely. Whether you prefer to reserve via the phone or the internet, our team is here to help you finalize the reservation. We do suggest visiting us in person (if possible) prior to submitting the reservation to view your exterior color of choice in person to make sure that it lives up to your expectations.

Will I be eligible for special rebates, offers, or lease incentives if I reserve my Audi?

At the time your reservation is initially placed, the price of your vehicle will be determined. Since incentive and rebate programs vary from month to month, we are only able to provide you with an estimate of your potential monthly payment. However, after we know the month that your vehicle will be delivered -- you can take advantage of the current incentives and programs that are available at that time.